The concept of this exhibition

To the visitors of this exhibition an explanation about the techniques of etching, engraving and the different materials used for that.

This technique begins to be used in China century XIII, and increased its importance during the Baroque until now.

Here you can see three different ways of expression.

Mukolito, is lithography on wood.

Etching on a metal plate, cooper, zinc, aluminum or

bronze. These can be made by dry point, black manner, sugar lift, aquatint, acid bath.

Linocut, simple cut, special acid that melts the linoleum,

It makes a special texture that looks like rough.

You are having 4 impressions, how is this if we have only 3 plates.

This is done by one print of a rolled tinting on the linocut and a second one done by pushing the ink into the lines and cleaning with gaze as if was a metal plate.

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